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How does consigning work?
Consigning means you are placing your items with us to sell. Any items accepted on consignment will be priced by us and placed for sale. The items which we accept remain your property until they are sold or until the end of the season bag sale when they become the property of We Kids of Flemington. You are free to remove items at any time before the bag sale. Your account is credited 40% of the selling price of your item when the item is sold. Your account will continue to add up as you sell items. You can then use the credit on your account to purchase items or request a check for the amount on your account.

How many items may I bring in?
We hand-select all our items so it takes time to inspect, sort, tag, price and hang items. We make every effort to make sure we get your items out for sale quickly, so we must limit appointments to 25 items per appointment, with a maximum of 2 appointments (50 items) per day per consignor.

What can I consign?
Clothing must be clean, current and in good repair. Toys, books, DVDs and games must have all pieces, be clean and in good working order. Larger items such as strollers, outdoor toys and exersaucers can only be accepted as room permits. Please contact the shop before bringing larger items in.

Are there any items I cannot consign?
Due to safety regulations, we are unable to accept any cribs or used car seats.  Used bottles, bath seats and potty seats also cannot be accepted.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment to consign:
Choose an available date and time from the calendar below. Available times are shown in GREEN. Please note, available appointments may be 12 weeks out or more. Use the tabs at the top of the calendar to browse by week.After choosing a time-slot, choose a duration at the right. 30 Minutes for one appointment or 1 Hour for two appointments (remember, 25 pieces per appointment or 50 items for an hour slot). In the pop-up window, if you have signed up previously, click on existing members. If you have not already created a sign-on for our online appointment system, you must enter your information and create a password. Please follow the directions in the pop-up.There is a limit of one hour per day per consignor.  

If you have difficulty or questions, you can call the shop (908-284-1844) to schedule your appointment.

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What are the terms of the We Kids consignment contract?

Consignment Contract